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Written by Liazeea
The 9 coolest online jobs  (all Powered by Clickfunnels)

The #1 Coolest Online Job trending now: 
Funnel Consultant
The most wanted & hottest online job in the world right now!

The highest paying part-time job in the Planet.


Every big and small business always needs more clients and sales. And a great funnel is the best way to bring more clients and sell more because of the many upsells and down sells a funnel can offer.

Top Business and entrepreneurs usually pay $ 10 000/ funnel. The price range is from 500 $ to ten thousands.

Who is making them? Funnels consultants.

Who are they? Ordinary people who learned in a few months from scratch how to become an excelent funnel consultant from the best coaches and even get Certified. 
How to become a Funnel Consultant with Clickfunnels:

Step 1.  Join Clickfunnels- 14-day FREE Trial

Step 2.( or straigt to step2 ) Join Certified Partner Program 

It is a really  tough certification program but in the end you will get your first 10000 $ client.
GO PRO and become a Certified Partner

The Coolest Online Job #2: Funnel Creator or Funnel Builder Specialists
Yes, funnels involved again.


 Because everybody needs them !

 There are more them 28 million small businesses just in the US. Only 2% of them started to discover the magic of a funnel. There are millions of professionals like dentists, doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, lowers. They all could, and will benefit, from funnels.

So there are so many opportunities.

And most of all, there is no funnel builder that has no clients !

Start now.
You will  learn and have everything you need to create sales funnels for your customers and even make a product from it: there is a funnel marketplace, where people actually buy your ready-made beautiful and intelligent funnels!

How to become a Funnel Builder with Clickfunnels:

You need NO degree. NO technical skills. NO expensive programs or courses. ONLY a Clickfunnel account (97$/month) and time to make their FREE training.

They have even a Facebook Group with all the Clickfunnels users who will become your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions about funnel creation or you need a feedback or help to one of your funnels everybody will jump to help you! Really.

They love Clickfunnels like a cult :)

Step 1. Join Clikfunnels
Step 2. Complete the FREE training ”21 Ignite your Funnel”
Step 3. Join Clickfunnels Facebook Group (you must have a Clickfunnels account first)
Step 4. Join Clickfunnels University program- optional

The coolest Online Job #3 ==HOT HOT HOT== 
Facebook Ads Specialist
 (with clickfunnels funnel building skills)
it is HOT not for the sake of big words, but because the small niche business owners are looking for this every day on job platforms. 

And because everybody is on Facebook there is easy to understand that there is the right place to find the right customers.

But you have to be a...specialist....? 

Yes because Facebook Ads are a scary but needed things. 

And just a really good Facebook Ad Specialist could do the difference between ”donate to Facebook Funds” the money spent on ads or ”invest” them in a positive ROI (return of investment).

My coolest online job implicates good Facebook Ads skills so I invested in one of the best and innovative program called Facebook Consultant Accelerator MasterMind. I promised to put here, on this site, just the tools and training that I was using and loving them.  

How to become a Facebook Ad Ninja:

Step 2. Join Facebook Consultant Accelerator MasterMind
Step 3. Find a local business that provides high demanded and high-quality services (like dentists, chiropractors etc).
Step 4. Make them a killer funnel and bring them clients with compelling facebook Ads.
Step 5. Show them the results and make them your recurring client.

The coolest Online Job #4: Online Marketer
Become a highly paid online marketing expert.

Most many modern millionaires have made their money through straightforward sales funnels, supercharged by their abilities to adapt and invest in smart cutting edge marketing.

Internet marketing isn’t a fading away: it’s here to stay and will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future.

You can start building outrageously profitable sales funnels online ...or what everyday person calls being an ”internet marketer”.

So, if funnels are involved again, what is the difference between these first 3 jobs?

A funnel consultant and a funnel builder are offering only one service: creating high-converting funnels. 

An online marketer has to do more than just funnels.

They usually have more objectives and use lots of channels to reach them. Online marketing refers to marketing activities like  email marketing, websites, social and digital media. The marketing techniques that a business uses online are much different from those in a traditional marketing campaign. 

An online marketing consultant puts the vision, products and message of his client in front of potential customers.

Often online marketers pursue a college or university degree. They need a lot of skills to develop. They can search for jobs and become an employee of a marketing department in a company, or they work as a freelancer or have they own marketing agency.
How to become an Online Marketer with Clickfunnels:
Clickfunnels have the #1 must-have tool for every marketer, so you start correctly with the right tool, software, and training so you could become an excellent online marketer FAST.
You will learn to create ads, websites, squeeze pages, OTO pages, thank you pages, blogs, and all the tricks you need so that you could sell everything you want (or what your customers want).
You will learn from the best. And FAST. Without losing yourself in meaningless and outdated information.
Step 2. Join The Clickfunnel University -optional 
Step 3. Learn from Clickfunnels blog. The blog will give you the essential information so you develop all the skills you will need.
Step 4. Laser-focuse  your services
After you develop those skills and go through all the training in Clickfunnels, you could start mastering other aspects like at least one social media, SEO or content creation.
So you could subspecialize as:
Pinterest Specialist
Linked In Specialist
Youtube marketing specialist
Social Media Specialist

The Coolest Online Job #5: Website creator-web designer-SEO-in- one.

Clickfunnels is the new age of the websites.

It is the only tool that you need to make a website: it has a drag and drop page editor and website creator, hosting, easy design templates, no plugins needed, has pop-ups, exit pop-ups, buttons, video integration, SEO made easy, and can integrate with autoresponders, webinar softwares, payments processors, can make membership sites, blogs and more.

No designer or programmer skills needed.

More and more businesses are ditching their classic websites.
Do you have clients for this?
Yes, you do!
How to became a Clickfunnels websites builder:
Step 1. Just join Clickfunnels (first 14-Day FREE TRIAL) and in less than 30 minutes, with only 3 tutorials, you can make your first website.

 I build this website in 3 days after playing in clickfunnels for just two weeks!!!
With no hosting, programming or plugins.

There is no Step 2. 

The Coolest Online Job #6: Affiliate Marketer

If you already know how to build from scratch an entire selling machine, why don't you start to successfully sell other people's products, without the hustle of product creation, customer service, and distribution? 

And yes, they have a great training out there.

How to became an Affiliate Marketer with Clickfunnels:

Step 2. Join their 100 days Affiliate Training- you will learn the most exquisite and important skills to start to promote an affiliate product. And yes, they have a shocking affiliate program: Start here and you will make your first money in just 14 days!
Step 3. Join other affiliate marketplaces like:
Clickbank, JV Zoo, etc.

Come on! Just start doing something. Action!

The Coolest Online Job #7: Digital Infopreneur

You get all the tools-in-one for creating e-courses, digital products, webinars and summits from scratch for your products or for your clients products and services. 

Of course if you start with Clickfunnels. Because Clickfunnels is all -softwares-in-one.

Do you already have a online course or a digital product ? You need only Clickfunnels!

I want to give you for FREE this PRODUCT LAUNCH FUNNEL. It is exactly what you need to launch your or your clients online courses!

Do you want to launch a product with another  succesful  method? You need a webinar funnel. 

And NOW I want to give it to you for FREE, THIS WEBINAR FUNNEL 
How to became a Digital Infopreneur with Clickfunnels:

2. You will get ready-made membership sites, e-course platform, even a webinar funnel for FREE. Did you took mine?

The Coolest Online Job #8: A madly-hunted Copywriter

Content is the king! Content is a must in every ad, every email, every single sales page, every article or blog post or video out there.
How to become a madly-hunted Copywriter with Clickfunnels:
They will train you to write exquisite content because is an essential part of a sale in your funnels, ads, sales pages, websites, webinars etc. A it is a great training.

More, every funnel step in Clickfunnels comes with examples of content that you have to put in specific places of your pages.

But more importantly , because they knew that this is the secret souce of every sale they created an amazing tool that makes all your content automatically

And magically you became a great content creator!

I am talking about the #1 Scripts Creator on planet!  FUNNEL SCRIPTS 

Whatch their webinar on How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!

Job Option #9: Millionaire....
Don't believe me? Watch this amazing but recent succes story ...
And it is not the only one. In fact, in clickfunnels facebook group all the ”funnel hackers” are sharing their succes all the time. 
We have lots of new millionaires in. What they have in common is that they mastered Clickfunnels and started to build more than one businesses with it.

Image Source: Millionaire_mentor
If you have this mindset, you could start to build your six sources of income. And now you have The Tool too.
You could have one or more:
• affiliate product revenues
• affiliate product sites
• e-commerce stores
• digital products like e-books
• e-programs
• e-courses
• a funnel consultant business etc.
Start doing it! 
So, have you chosen the right online profession for You?
Do you know somebody who could be a perfect fit for one of this highly-paid online jobs?
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